For the first three stages we will be involved in sponge iron production, power generation and steel billet manufacturing.

sponge iron:

Chemical Specification:

  • Fe (Total) =: 89% ±1
  • Fe (Metal) = 83% ±1
  • Metallization = 93% ±1
  • C = 0.15% – 0.25%
  • S = 0.02% ± 0.01
  • P = 0.05 ± 0.01
  • Sio2 = Max 5.5%
  • Al2o3 = Max 1%
  • Cao = Max 1.1%
  • Mgo = Max 2.5%

Physical Specification:

  • Size(0-5) = 5% max.
  • Bulk Density: 1.6-1.9 T/ Cu.Mete

Our technology reduced Hematite Iron Ore and/or Iron Pellets for better smelting.
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NOTE: The final product may vary.

Sponge iron production is expected to commence from Jun/Jul 2021.
It is suggested that all potential customers Contact us and provide us with their requirements, as we expect demand for our production to be high and owing to our limited capacity we may not be able to entertain all inquiries. We look forward to establishing a lasting and prosperous relationship with our potential clients.

In relation to Power Generation, Kavir Steel Cooperative is one of the few companies that have the permit to export electricity to any country which is connected to the grid of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We expect to be operational by the early 2022.
All interested international clients are recommended to contact us directly.

Our billet production is expected to be online early 2024. Post this we will be concentrating on expansion activities.
All parties interested in potential business relationship in regards to billet purchasing, Kindly contact us so that we can include you in our client list and inform you of the initiation of this phase.

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