Kavir Steel Cooperative initiated its operations with an idea. The idea was to introduce coal based Sponge Iron production technology to Iran.
Having initiated the company in 1997 we moved on to bring this project within the framework of the National Steel Plan of Iran (target 1404). With support from the National Development Fund(NDF) shipments of all equipment initiated in 2015 (From India to Ardestan).

We are currently finalizing the initial stage of the project which involves production of 350 metric tons of coal-based DRI Per day.

The second phase will be to establish a 16 MW waste heat recovery boiler (WHRB).

The third phase will be to achieve production of 150,000 (Metric Tons) of Steel Billet per annum.

Post the initial three phases we intend on more than doubling capacity from all production activities.

One of the primary advantages of the SLRN technology is its modular form. Which means in practical terms we can add additional units for production of DRI as long as certain parameters continue to exist. In this sense our expansion is only limited to the requirements of the domestic and international markets.

We look forward to reporting the progress of our journey.

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